Diabetes & The Foot

Diabetes & The Feet


Individuals with Diabetes are in high-risk from various health issues for example:

Cardiovascular Disease


Eye Disease – Possible Blindness

Nerve Damage – Neuropathy

Amputation of feet or leg

Kidney Problems

Gums And Teeth

Lack of teeth

Another health condition connected with diabetes requires the ft, as Diabetes is among the major reasons for lower limb amputation around 2004.

Amputation is clearly the final resort concerning problems from the ft, but it’s surprising the way a small cut or abrasion can result in such dramatic leads to diabetics.

Exactly why is the Feet in danger?

Persistent high bloodstream blood sugar levels can eventually damage your body’s nerves, creating a lack of sensation (neuropathy). Nerve damage may also cause discomfort within the legs, arms and hands creating problems in people’s everyday lives. Your GP or Podiatrist should look at your ft on the yearly basis, that ought to incorporate a physical exam to check on for lack of feeling.

Small cuts or abrasions around the neuropathic feet will go undetected if daily feet checks aren’t performed. The cut can certainly become infected, which results in an infected ulceration and may eventually increase the risk for lack of the shin bone. Therefore the significance of daily feet checks, feet care & Diabetes generally can’t be undervalued.

High-risk Factors Resulting in Diabetic Feet Ulcers

A small % of diabetics develop feet ulcerations, most of which often leads onto amputation. The feet reaches a greater chance of ulceration when the individual is affected with conditions for example vascular disease or neuropathy. However there are lots of additional factors that may increase chance of ulcers for example: –

Cold ft or absent feet pulses

Good reputation for Feet Problems

Feet Deformities

Limited mobility

Poor circulation

Inappropriate footwear

Out of control bloodstream sugar levels

An easy abrasion or corn can continuously progress to some distressing feet ulcer, and when not treated skin degeneration can happen.